Winter Waves, Ed Cardwell Surf Photography

Winter Waves, Western Australia was filmed during the big swell that graced our beautiful coastline in July 2015. Some of Western Australia experienced some of the biggest conditions for the last 10 years and although the north-west wasn’t quite that big, we still enjoyed what we saw over the long weekend.

Having just purchased the new 4k DJI Phantom 3 drone I was keen to give it a whirl and it certainly did not disappoint.  Western Australia is windy at the best of times and being frustrated time and time again by the stability of the previous DJI drones, I purchased this new Phantom 3 with the promise of being able to fly it up to 2 km’s away in 20 knots with a much more stable lightbridge connection. Although you view what your filming on your phone or tablet, all of the controls are done through the beautifully designed controller with well positioned and easy to use controls. As well as being super stable and easy to control, the advantage of shooting at 4k for an HD delivery video provides a lot more creative freedom in post production.

With the combination of the new drone and my Nikon d810 with smooth 1080p @50fps, I was able to use the footage I had shot and produce what I hope is fun to watch review of some of the best waves the North-West Cape had seen.

I then submitted it to the Ningalens Film Competition without an expectation of a place but with the hope that the locals of the area could all enjoy watching together as a tight nit community and reminisce on a fantastic weekend of surfing. To my amazement it won 2nd place and enjoyed by all. I would like to thanks all of the judges and organisers at the Ningalens Film Competition and sincerely hope that it can be built on each year as a place where creative minds can express themselves by telling stories through short films. I am already dreaming up next years entry!

All video by Ed Cardwell Surf Photography Migration Media, Western Australia. Be sure to play it loud!

Ed Cardwell Surf Photography

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