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The No Shark Cull movement has been growing with momentum and even though the Western Australia Shark cull has been abolished due to its ineffectiveness. There are still many shark nets and bait lines along the entire East Coast line that need to be removed, and the group which are working towards that goal called NO Shark Cull.  Please jump on Facebook and support this important cause, their Facebook site here

On the 17th of August, this year they launched their website and with the collaboration of many passionate ocean conservationists and activists have produced an informative and creative site all about what can be done to replace the current non-discriminate shark protection measures with strategies with other means that better protect people and the sea life they swim, surf and dive with.

LoomCreative has been working with Migration Media, Ocean Ramsey and Dean Cropp to produce a public service announcement featuring National Geographic’s ‘Wild Animal Encounter‘ star Ben Brittan. This is to help support the NO Shark Cull movement and educate the general public of the threats that sharks are facinf from us!

You can view the public service announcement here or view below.

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