Ningaloo Reef Whale Sharks, Coral Bay, Western Australia

Since January 2013 there have been regular Whale Shark sightings by Ningaloo Reef Air pilots on the Ningaloo Reef in the waters surrounding Coral Bay. Since then, Ningaloo Reef Dive have been running regular Wildlife trips aiming to swim with the largest fish in the ocean but giving guests the chance to swim with the Manta Rays in unsuccessful. Since most of the trips have been successful with Sharks being found consistently over the last two weeks, Ningaloo Reef Dive are now offering dedicated Whale Shark Tours giving people the opportunity tos wim with these magnificent animals. The first trip ran on the 10th March a beautiful, curious 5-6m Shark for nearly an hour whilst it chased us around. Then yesterday we swam with two hungry very hungry Whale Sharks surface feeding, with an Oceanic Manta Ray also spotted by the pilot. Good times in Coral Bay, let the good times role!

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