Lady Elliot Island Images, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

We were lucky enough to visit Lady Elliot Island on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef recentlyLady Elliot Turtle Sunball and thought we should share some images from our day trip. Day trips from Hervey Bay include a scenic flight over Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island allowing spectacular views over these iconic Queensland Islands and with so much wildlife to see, before you know it, you’ve landed on Lady Elliot and getting ready for your first snorkel.

Lady Elliot Island is known as the Home of the Manta Ray with large numbers of seasonal manta rays visiting the island to feed and clean during the winter months. During summer the numbers decrease with mantas heading south along the coast of NSW but still small numbers stay around the Great Barrier Reef. Resident green turtles remain year round whilst increased numbers are found during summer when migrating adults use the island for mating and nesting grounds. Leopard sharks, white-tips, grey reef sharks and eagle rays are regularly sighted, we were lucky enough so see 4 large eagle rays gliding around lighthouse reef.

Lady Elliot Island offers various snorkel and dive sites for differing experience and confidence levels with outer reef and lagoon snorkels available throughout the day. Visit Lady Elliot Island Resort to see about your trip to the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

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