Bait Ball with Huge Bull Shark!!

Bait Ball PicWhen you see a what we in the west call a ‘chop up’, which refers to a large school of bait fish getting preyed upon by sea birds, tuna, trevally, mackerel and sharks, you wouldn’t think that jumping in the water, with the action, would be the first thing  normal people think to do.Us here at Migration Media cherish these unique exhillerating moments and jumping in is what we do!


It is very difficult to get a swim and see the action happening as the chop up’s tend to move too fast. When there has been a lot of feeding action, the school of bait fish gets condensed down to a bait ball, a tight swirling ball of tiny bait fish.

This is a defence strategy that the tiny fish use to try and protect themselves from the large predators.

This is what a bait ball looks like from below the surface when under attack!! Using the anything they come across in the ocean as some form of cover…. Including videographers or boats!

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