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Welcome to the underwater filming and photography blog of Ed Cardwell and Hayley Versace of Migration Media – Underwater Imaging. Based on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, Migration Media travel to unique and remote locations across the globe striving to produce stunning underwater photography and captivating cinematic video endeavoring to highlight the beauty of our oceans and its marine life. Please also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN and Pintrest. For publications and articles, please contact us with story and image requests or see our stock imaging site. Enjoy and please feel free to share.

Bait Ball with Huge Bull Shark!!

When you see a what we in the west call a ‘chop up’, which refers to a large school of bait fish getting preyed upon by sea birds, tuna, trevally, mackerel and sharks, you wouldn’t think that jumping in the water, with the action, would be the first thing  normal people think to do.Us here
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Migration Media on Sunrise

  Migration Media was lucky enough to be involved with Sunrises Lap of the Map Team providing all underwater footage for the coverage of whale sharks off the Ningaloo coast, which featured in the live broadcast from Exmouth on the 8th of May 2015. https://youtu.be/_ws-4023kNU skip to 2:35 to see Eddie plug Migration Media, and
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Seven News Perth

Seven News Perth After a cracking start to Coral Bay’s 2015 whale shark season, Migration Media featured in a full news story on Seven News Perth. With clear water and beautiful conditions there has been a boom in whale shark numbers, with many days where multiple sharks have been seen swimming together feasting on the
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Gascoyne in May

Migration Media is very happy this year to be participating the 2015 Gascoyne in May Festivals, attending and participating in 3 of the 5 celebrations happening in the month of May. The first is Coral Bay’s very own ‘Festival of the Reef’ over the weekend of the 15th, where we will conduct photography workshops on
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Ningaloo Prints | Marine Life and Underwater Prints @ 6 Marlin Court, Coral Bay, Western Australia

Migration Media are a professional filming, photography and video production business specialising in underwater photography and cinematography based in Coral Bay and Exmouth on the the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia and produce stunning Ningaloo prints of underwater seascapes and marine life. With a combined 20 years diving experience and countless hours spent underwater photographing and
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Tiger Shark Feeding Frenzy – The Death of a Humpback Whale

When an organism as large as a humpback whale dies in an ocean system, who cleans up that big rotting mess….Apex predators do, like the Tiger shark which is a renowned scavenger. This is a collection of footage and images, showing over a 3 day process, what happened to a young humpback whale when it died in Coral Bay, Western
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STOP THE DEMAND, Breaking the cycle of the Manta Ray Trade

This video was created with the collaboration of many passionate people, who all love care and work with manta rays. It is to highlight the ongoing threats that all manta and mobula species face in a market place driven but monetary rewards for poor environmental practices. We hope to be able to use this video
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Diving Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

MY NINGALOO written for the July 2013 issue of UK’s Dive Magazine. Diving Ningaloo Reef, one of the world’s largest fringing reef systems which stretches over 280 kilometers along Western Australia’s rugged coastline provides some of the most beautiful and exciting experiences our ocean has to offer. Consisting of dense hard coral gardens, sand flats,
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Ningaloo Reef Whale Sharks, Coral Bay, Western Australia

Since January 2013 there have been regular Whale Shark sightings by Ningaloo Reef Air pilots on the Ningaloo Reef in the waters surrounding Coral Bay. Since then, Ningaloo Reef Dive have been running regular Wildlife trips aiming to swim with the largest fish in the ocean but giving guests the chance to swim with the
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Welcome to Migration Media – Underwater Imaging Website Launch

Welcome to Migration Media’s brand new website. This site allows you to enjoy, view and purchase underwater images and footage from around the world, all in one beautiful, easy to use website. Migration Media hopes you enjoy your experience and would love to hear your feedback and reviews.