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Following our worlds ocean migrations aiming to produce stunning imagery in order to promote the conservation of our oceans and its marine life.


Migration Media travel to unique and remote locations across the globe striving to produce stunning underwater and ocean photography and captivating cinematic video. Endeavoring to highlight the beauty of our oceans and its marine life, Ed and Hayley, owners of Migration Media, migrate around the world catching seasonal migrations and iconic ocean events aiming to help create awareness of the issues affecting our fragile world.

Ed Cardwell and Hayley Versace of Migration Media, have been working in and around the ocean for the last 10 years growing a deep passion and respect for our oceans and its marine life. Producing captivation ocean photography and cinematography, they aim to share their passion and help promote sustainability of our ocean environments.

Our Story

Migration Media was born on the road, traveling 7,000 km across Australia on an adventure from east to west headed for Coral Bay on the doorstep of the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia.

Ed and Hayley originally met in Borneo, Malaysia where they worked together as Dive Guides and Instructors. Fascinated with marine life and nature, they shared the same passions and need for adventure. As they moved around the world staying in regular contact, sharing their individual dive adventures and marine life interactions, their friendship grew into something more. Soon after this, they met once again, this time in Tofo, Mozambique where they ran a dive and water sports centre. Together they experienced some of the most exciting encounters the ocean has to offer and began producing professional photographs and videos for tourists coming to the area to dive with the abundant marine megafauna Mozambique has to offer. Their relationship grew as they continued to work and travel together as a couple, running dive live-aboards and resorts in destinations around South-East Asia and tropical islands of the Pacific.

Migration Media was born on the road, traveling 7,000 kms across Australia on an adventure from east to west headed for Coral Bay on the doorstep of the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. From March through to July they worked as professional photographers and videographers on whale shark interaction trips in Ningaloo producing photographs and trip videos teaming up with Ningaloo Reef Dive in Coral Bay. Between the winter months of July and October they spent their time migrating the world and filming and photographing Humpback Whales whilst during the summer months, they continued to feed their need for adventure and passion for the underwater world by following natures trail now based at The Conflict Islands in Papua New Guinea.


With conservation their goal, Migration Media are always on nature’s trail…

Hayley Versace – The Storyteller

Hayley Versace - The StorytellerBorn to the ocean and raised in the coastal town of Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia, Hayley was always drawn to the sea. Spending her time snorkeling, surfing or exploring the Australian coast with Sir David Attenborough as her inspiration, it was inevitable that Hayley would go follow her dream and head off tropical north Queensland where she attended James Cook University to study to become a Marine Biologist and Zoologist. It was during this time when she discovered Scuba diving and fell in love with the sport which came as naturally to her as breathing. It was not long until being an underwater guide became her full time job taking her to various world renowned dive locations including Palau, PNG, Fiji and Indonesia. Whilst working on Lizard Island in the Great Barrier Reef, Hayley discovered her dream job, and this was to a underwater photographer and conservation film maker. Her artistic side shines through in her creative storytelling which she uses as a platform to inspire conservation based films and photographs.

Ed Cardwell – Ocean Enthusiast

Ed Cardwell Underwater CinematographerOriginally from England, Ed is now a permanent resident of Australia but living in Papua New Guinea. Learning to dive in the Red Sea with his father at age 15, he developed a passion for the underwater world and its marine life. After a finishing school he joined a coral conservation project in the Fiji Islands as Assistant Science Officer before studying Marine Biology and Ocean Sciences at University. During his holidays he would travel to surf locations such Indonesia and Morocco in search of adventure and to experience some of the worlds best and remote surfing destinations becoming fascinated by waves and the ocean. Ed became restless and after a presentation given by a senior BBC Producer on the production of nature documentaries he quickly changed paths aiming for a career in photography and film making. Qualifying as a Divemaster in 2007 in the UK, he completed his PADI Instructor Course at the beginning of 2008 and began working as a Dive Guide and Instructor on various dive liveaboards and resorts around the world surfing in his free time. During this time he won the PADI Asia-Pacific GoPro Challenge in 2008 and achieved the ratings of PADI Master Instructor and DSAT Technical Diving Instructor. Traveling to some of the worlds most abundant marine habitats and ocean wonders, he has gained a great passion towards the ocean and insight into its wildlife, gaining the necessary knowledge and experience in order to produce stunning imagery from our natural world.

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